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Friday, March 20, 2009


Last week I was scrolling thru blogs about coupons and found a great article on Walgreens Deals. I was amazed that I, a coupon junkie to the core had not thought of this before. So I asked myself what could it hurt to take a trip to Walgreens? I could really enjoy a break from my regular routine. First at had to locate my nearest Walgreens which is 36.4 miles away. I know that is FAR, but I do live in the mountains. Next I grabbed the weekly Sunday Ad and my coupons. And started playing the match -up game. In other words look at what is on sale and find coupons for those products. I immediatley found alot of great deals on shampoo, deo. and baby wipes. Then I learned to save even more money is to pick up a Easy Saver Catalog at the store. It contains even more coupons. So what that means is for 1 product you could possibly use up to 2 coupons per item. Which will make the product FREE or for pennies. Check out the scores I got just last week.

My total bill was $38.80 for 24 Top Brand Items

Total Advertised savings = $ 31.66

Total coupon savings = $ 55.25

Excerdin $5.99 Easy Saver Coupon $4.00 Manufacturer coupon $2.00 = $OVERRAGE

Huggies Wipes 200Count $ 6.00 Sale Manufactures Coupon $5.00 = $1.00

Fructis Shampoo $2.99 on sale Easy Saver Coupoon $2.00 Manufactures coupon $ 1.00 = OVERRAGE!!!

Gillete Razor $ 8.99 on sale Easy Saver coupon $4.00 Manufactures coupon $4.00 = $0.99

The thing I love is that alot of these ON SALE items qualify for Register Rewards. I received $6.00 in Register Rewards for my next Walgreens shopping!

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