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Friday, April 17, 2009

Walgreens Coupon Shopping April 17th

So I think I did the my best shopping ever today! Drum Roll please..........
The Breakdown is
Total Walgreen's Coupons -$117.45
Total MFG Coupons -$29.54
Total Rewards Check is -$2.50
Total Savings - $ 146.99
Total Amount Paid $ 39.36
Total coming in Rebates $35.47
Grand Total after Rebates is a $3.89

Free Items this week were:

The Physicians Make-up is also FREE! You will find the Rebates Form here.You must purchase the ALL Natural Mascara, The Bronze Booster,and the Bronze Brightener. Walgreen's is offering a $10.00Rebate on all Physicians Formula makeup with a $10.00 purchase.It's a Money Maker! Lysol also has a $3.00 Rebate available when you purchase 3 different products.You need to read the fine print to see what is not accepted. The Ensure Rebate is for $3.00.
You might be asking yourself," What would I do with a Bayer Meter or a pack of Ensure?". I say if it's pennies or FREE donate it. Pass it your neighbors, Or even better drop off at your local homeless shelters.

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