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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Free Video Games at BestBuy

I have to tell you I'm not normally a Best Buy shopper at all. But a few months back we had to replace our TV and Best Buy had the best deal hands down. At checkout the young lady signed me up for a FREE rewards card so I could earn points on my purchase.So I just so happen register the card last week and realized I had earned a $10.00 Gift card! YEAH. While on their website I signed up for the reward zone gamers club,too. It's for free and you can print out in store coupons. Now for the Thrifty Rack deal.
On Tuesday I purchased 2 video games for $1.05. The breakdown is:

XBlades for Xbox on sale for $19.95 -20.00 in store coupon -$5.00 mail in rebate = $5.00 profit.

Ready to Rumble for wii on sale for $29.95 -$20.00 in store coupon -$10.00 gift card = FREE

What great finds! And a very Thrifty way to stock up for the Holidays!These coupons are good till the 20Th of Sept. and you can purchase up to 3 copies. I will definitely be checking back on a weekly basis for some more Thrifty deals.

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