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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Coupons and Rebates for Disney movies Up and Monsters, Inc.

Thrifty Rack Deal Alert:

Up Movie $19.96 Walmart

$10.00 off coupon
$5.00 off Rebate (Photocopies accepted)
$4.00 off Rebate

= $0.96 Total cost!

Monsters, Inc and Up

$ 42.98 Best Buy Ad (must have ad) (Shop @ Target)
$8.00 off coupon ( see side panel)
$10.00 off coupon
$10.00 off Target coupon
= $14.98
$5.00 Rebate
$4.00 REbate
= $5.98 for Both

Great Holiday gifts that all kids would love!

Pass on the good news to all your friends,I'll be adding tons of Toy deals this week.

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