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Friday, January 29, 2010

Big Savings from Shopping Trip yesterday

At Walgreens I purchased the above Frito Lay products at 2/$5.00 Sales Event.

$20.00 - 3.65 in manf. coupons = 16.35 paid - 10.00 in Register Rewards = 6.35 Total
Breakdown I paid only .79 for each product!

I then used the $10.00 Register Rewards to purchase 2 Olay Body Quench Lotions on sale for 7.99 each( total 15.98) - 6.00 in coupons = 9.98 TOTALLY FREE! Plus I qualify for 2 Olay Rebates for the lotions for a total of 15.98! Will receive in 4 weeks. What a great deals ! Good till Saturday!


So I have been waiting to grab a deal on the Nabisco Crackers, so I could cash in on the Keep the Jingle in your Holiday Rebate. So Ralphs has Nabisco crackers on sale for 1.99 when you purchase 10.

19.90 - 8.00 in coupons = 11.90 - 10.00 rebate = 1.90 for 10boxes of Nabisco Crackers

At this rate I'm going to have to organize my pantry once again.

Megan @ LaFrugal

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