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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fantastic Mail in Rebate offers

Here are some of the great rebate offers out there right now! There are so many....

3M command *Watch for great Staples sales*

Dole 30 day Challenge *Make a 30 day pledge for 2 weeks of free fruit bowls*

Olay *Get $15.00 back from 2 purchases of any Regenerist product* Thrifty Hint: On Sale this week at Walgreens, could end up a money maker. I personally really like the micro-sculpting cream.

All you Congra Foods *Purchase $10.00 worth to get $25.00 in savings*

Physicians Mascara *Totally for FREE* Thrifty Hint: Great gift!

I'll have more posted in the a.m. As you can tell the blog has a new look and name! I  couldn't be more excited. One of my New years resolutions was to update design, blog daily and to find more readers looking to find a savings here and there. Spread the word!

Megan @ La Frugal

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