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Monday, February 1, 2010

Kmart $10.00 Gift Card Offer

Kmart is offering a $10.00 Gift card when you buy 4 bags of Pieces candy.

4 bags @ 10.00
4 coupons @ -4.00 from wke1/31
= 6.00 out of pocket
 earns you a $10.00 gift card
You made $4.00! 
Valid till Saturday the 6th

When I was at Kmart today I found in the beauty section coupon booklets. Most all the coupons are at least $1.00 for beauty products, glade, paper products, etc... So make sure to grab a few. They are only Kmart coupons so I suppose you could stack them, I'll let you know.

Megan @ LaFrugal

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