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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Target Shopping Trip today!

Oh did I have some fun today! Well as much fun as I could with a soon to be 2 year old. Anyways  I packed up the car and took myself to Target in search of great deals and some clearance toys.  

My best deals:

Buy any 2 Fusion Power/Venus Razor for 6.99 each and get a $5 Gift Card

Bought (8) for $55.92  -20.00 in manf. coupons(wke 2/7) = 35.92 - rec'd 20.00 Gift Cards = 15.92 - 15.00 Olay Rebate = +0.92 MONEY MAKER

Wondering where did the Olay products come from? Used 4 Manf. Coupons for Free Olay Wash with  aVenus Razor purchase.

Buy 5 Keebler Cookies get $5.00 Gift Card (Don't forget to print Target coupon for this deal)

Band Aids, Glade candle, Glade Candle Holder, 12 3pks Rolaids, and Soap Buddies, Dove Hairspray.

Monopoly ($0.24), Pictureka, Fudge Shoppe cookies (6), Lindt Milk Truffles (2), Butterfinger Hearts (2), Laffy Taffy, Wheatables, 100 pack Cookies

Great deals to be find at Target (off 14 frwy.) Especially when you stack the Target coupons with Manf. coupons. You could save your self a bundle. Let me know if you have any questions.

Megan @ LaFrugal

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