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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What doesn't a 2 yr.old do?

Sorry for the unexpected absence once again. My little princess decided to sit upon the keyboard with her rump and  karate chop the monitor on Sunday. Bye Bye nice computer monitor. And she's not even two yet, Oh my! Needless to say I'm using a back up to a back up. I tell ya having a toddler is no joke. It's so easy to forget what its like having a toddler running the house. It has been over 7 years for me. The greatest parts are the tantrums at the grocery store, biting, running from mommie (my personal fav) and the tearing off the diaper know matter whats the prize inside. Oh how I've missed it.

 I'll try my best to list my favorite buys for this week tonight! Keep a lookout for Olay deals, and its the last week to play Monopoly at Rite Aid. 

You won't believe that I got a $20.00 gift certificate from Rite Aid! Thank you- 

Megan @ Lafrugal

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