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Monday, February 8, 2010

Where have you been?

To all my readers if they do exist I'm sorry for disappearing for days. But I'm overjoyed to report that I have finally beat the stomach bug. It took me down for 3 long days. I promised healthy eating to the stomach gods if they would just make it stop. It worked. But I think they might be really upset if they saw my plateful of French Toast with sprinkled powdered sugar this morning. Oh well a girl has to eat. Especially after only eating Ritz and Ginger ale for days.

Now that I am fully awake and had a few sips of coffee (should I or not that is the ?) I realized I haven't said what did happen in those 3 days that isn't so bad. I have official finished 3 books that I had neglected midway. I read a beach romantic (thanks PC), and 2 of MommyWood's books. You know the Tori books. Now that I think about it I haven't read that much in about 20.5 months and my belly was 50 inches. When you have 3 kids you don't spend your extra time (I mean minutes) reading. Drum roll pleasse! I saved the very best news for last. I finally caught up on my guilty pleasure watching the Kardashians. It's the only reality show I can watch. So I'm watching the "Hot cup of Love " December 22 episode and I see that their at Smooch  in Calabasas. A wonderful and beyond pricey childrens boutique. So hanging right behind the counter and Kris is one of my very own Hair Bow Holders. If you watch its a the very beginning. I've been making them for gifts and selling out my consignment sales for a while now. I'm not kidding! So I pause the remote run into my daughters room to get the identical one I made and held it up to the screen and sure enough same flower, same material, its mine! Can you believe it. They have my Hair Bow Holder in their store! OMG! I am speakless. How and why! Stay tuned to find out more as I do.

I also saw "Julia & Julia". Which I loved dearly, but it did make me want to question my cooking skills. That's another story tell ......

Megan @ LaFrugal

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