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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mission Menu Challenge

    I was just scanning my inbox and saw that Mission you know the tortillas we all eat is having a contest. Just submit a recipe with Mission tortillas by August 9th. Prizes are worth  $10,000! And you may get yourself some new appliances, what a dream. If you are like me I have used these tortillas for sandwiches, pizzas and even wraps. But its gotta be good, real good. I am going to start testing some ideas this week. Win or lose my family will have full bellies. For all info click here. Good luck to all.
Speaking about my family being fed, I have to update you on my garden! I started my container garden in April. To date I have tomatoes (sprout), Thyme, Oregano beets, and green beans. FYI green beans the fastest growing things I have ever seen. Thanks all to watching Food Revolution. It truly opened my eyes to what our kids are eating and just how much I depend on others for food. So I started my garden. Keep your fingers crossed that I actually bring fresh food to our table soon.....

                                                                  Megan @ LaFrugal


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