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Monday, September 7, 2009

Stretch your dolllar on online purchases!

I am constantly buying stuff online now. And it wasn't always like that. I am a shopper that needs the touch, the smell,and the nice fluorescent lights hovering above me to have a fulfilling experience. Which is very important. I admit I'm a shopaholic, well at least sometimes. But with the arrival of my sweet Emma last year, I chose the easy route. Online baby. I found this great site that pays you back for shopping! And they are very reliable online coupons. Just last month I purchased 2 Entertainment Books at a discount of $5.00each, EBATES offered $6.00 cash back for each book. So in the end I paid ZERO, and I profited $2.00.

Thrifty Rack Deal : Just for signing up they will give you $5.00!

Hot Cash Back offers:

Avon 5%Back
Disney Store 3%Back
JcPenny's 5%Back

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