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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cooking in Batches

Mission Complete! We rolled, stirred, and licked our fingers till the freezer was full. We spent about 3 hours form start to clean up! The most dreaded part ever.  For the past 2 years I have become a crazed meal planning fool. With 3 kids running around, school projects, sport practices till dark it left no time for a cooked meal. With that being said I needed a plan. No more fast food, prepackaged food! Not to mention I started following the show Food Revolution! Thanks Jamie! California schools need you. So the end result was I started precooking meals that last about a month. Our most haves are pancakes, meatballs b/c there's 100's of recipes for them, taco meat and the neighborhood favorite fries. I'm happy to report that even the kids look forward to getting dirty. We turn the tunes up and tie our ruffled aprons on. I tell you it couldn't get better well maybe........  if I had a bigger kitchen, island of and a freezer. Well I'll have to include some of my recipes. 


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