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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to school yeah!

How sweet this last week has been with the boys at school.  At first I did not want to let go of my late nights and breakfast at 10. Not to mention my beach days at Zuma. But when I look around my house and see what I have accomplished in the last five days I am amazed. My school flag is flying high. So over the summer my goal was to put my Martha apron on and get down to work. I wanted to redo dining room table and chairs ( FYI as of yesterday 2 are done!), Mod podge my black bookcases ( 80% done 100% questionable) and finish my babies shabby chic girlie room ( its been a 2 year process). And lastly dust off my scrap booking adventures. Which I have not touched in 2 years. Maybe just maybe I'll start making those great photo books. Just thinking of pulling out all the paper, glue, stickers and pictures gives me anixety.  So lets get to the   the exciting pictures.

How great are those gonna look! Now I just need to decide what to do with those cushions. Did I mention that I received all 8 of these chairs for FREE.

Next project:

So it tooks me days to find a happy worn look. Thanks to the previous owner for using latex paint, uck. I needed a free fix for the inside so I mod podge some scrap book paper. Lastly I have to add the chicken wire to the door, decide if I'm gonna hang hooks inside, or do shelves, and what to do about the clock feature.


  1. I love the distressing on the clock. Who says us stay at home Mom's sit around when the kids are at school! You've got a laundry list. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. I just purchased some chicken wire and now just have to install it.