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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mom can we have Pizza!

For some strange reason my boys relate sleep overs with pizza. Why? I have no idea. I didn't start it and I really don't want to pay for it. Not to mention my better half had to give up pizza along time ago. Thank you lactose. Put back to pizza dilemma I had to come up with an alternative. Cost of delivery for me is no less than $30.00, buying premade pizza shell cost only $5.00 but has ingredients I can't even pronounce. So I have finally found a great pizza dough  recipe. We always make the normal cheese and pepperoni but my chicken barq pizza comes in a close second. FYI this recipes freezes!

 Pizza Dough
3 1/2 Cups Flour ( Wheat is great)
1 cup Warm Water
2 Tbsp. Yeast
2 Tbsp. Honey
1/4 cup olive oil

Put in mixer, till ball form. Place in bowl on counter. Cover with warm damp towel. Watch how fast it rises. Once done divide into two. Now you are ready to make pizza ( about 8inch). To spice up the crust I sprinkle garlic, basil, and a drizzle of olive oil before putting sauce on. 

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