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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Back to School Sales

 I took a quick shopping trip out the other day and noticed every store has HUGE sales going on. And if you don't already know I never say go shopping. Frugal is the key. Free is even better. If you don't already know now is the time to stock up on many items if the budget allows it. So here's some great deals you want to snag while you can. Remember to shop before the weekend, so you don't end up with slim pickings.

1. School supplies. Staples offers lots of FREE items weekly as long as your a member to the rewards program. So by the time school hits you are set. Walgreen's/ Rite Aid has crazy deals with their in store coupons. Which by the way can be combined with a manufacturers coupon. And as always Walmart has items as low as $.15cents.

2. TOYS TOYS TOYS! Buy now for the holidays and birthdays. If you shop at Toy R US now you will benefit greatly with their 75% off sale. Even video games, DVDs, accessories, clothes, food. You name it. Go early for selection. Target also has a big clearance on toys now. Remember shop before the weekend.

3. School clothes. I'd shop departments for the best deals. Most have 25% to 50% off already reduced merchandise. And for my frugals if you shop JCP you can get an additional 15% off by calling in for a quick survey(must have receipt). I personally never buy new shorts for the boys to start school in, they have enough. But I look for deals on T-shirts b/c they wear year round. Just layer them with long sleeves. Shoes, pjs, and belts were really reduced also.

If I find another deals I'll let you know. Make sure to follow me!

Megan @ Lafrugal

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